Jodi Eldridge

Jodi is a private tutor serving the North Shore of Chicago for over ten years. She has worked with students ranging from ages 10 to 18 on a variety of subject matters. She is proud to have many longtime students, which is a testament to the range and quality of Jodi’s services, as well as the trust parents and students have in her.

Jodi’s primary tutoring philosophy is focused on relationships. She strives to develop open and trusting relationships with her students, such that they view her as an ally, teammate and supporter. Jodi’s skill set in relationship building has frequently enabled her to “break down walls” with students who are resistant to learning or otherwise not interested.

It’s equally important to Jodi to establish relationships with parents, with a steady and open line of communication. In Jodi’s experience, students do best when the tutor, the student and the parents are equally invested and on the same page.

Jodi also takes tremendous pride in being flexible and accessible to her students and parents. She is often able to work on a flexible tutoring schedule and frequently takes “emergency” appointments or phone calls. It’s important to her that her students know she’s there for them and that she is committed to their success.

In 2006, Jodi developed and launched an ACT prep course, ACT Score More! The program is unique in that Jodi mainly works with small groups of students, which enables her to identify individual student needs and implement customized lessons and strategies designed to optimize individual performance. Through the same program, Jodi also offers one-one-one ACT tutoring and discounted “refresher” lessons. Jodi has crafted an ability to build student confidence while teaching test taking strategies and content, often leading to enhanced performance and increased scores. Her passion for teaching has helped this course grow over the past ten years and she is extremely enthusiastic about helping students transition to college.

Jodi received her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin Madison in 1998. She then went on to obtain a Masters in Special Education from San Francisco State University in 2001. After teaching in San Francisco, she moved home to the North Shore and was a resource teacher at Lincoln School. She is now happy and proud to take care of her three young daughters in Highland Park, while balancing a busy and fulfilling tutoring practice.