ACT Score More! is an individualized ACT prep course designed to meet the needs of any student who is planning on taking the ACT standardized test.

Students who thrive from one on one instruction and curriculum tailored to their individual needs will benefit greatly from this course. It is designed with not only the test, but more importantly, the student in mind. We test and retest each student in order to analyze where his or her strengths and weaknesses lie. This process helps us to form an individualized program for each student.

We offer small group tutoring that is individualized to meet each student’s specific needs. We not only provide instruction in the test content areas, but also build test-taking skills to master every type of question given on the exam. We will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each student and develop an individualized study plan that helps you Score More! on your ACT.

Jodi Eldridge

Jodi is a private tutor serving the North Shore of Chicago for over ten years. She has worked with students ranging from ages 10 to 18 on a variety of subject matters. She is proud to have many longtime students, which is a testament to the range and quality of Jodi’s services, as well as the trust parents and students have in her.

Carly Lebenson

Carly Lebenson has been preparing students for the ACT exam for more than 8 years. She also has extensive experience in counseling students through the college selection and placement process.